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Account-Based Sales & Marketing

Ravi brandDigi

Ravi Janardhan

Founder brandDigi

At brandDigi, we assist companies in developing strong brands and marketing programs that connect with prospects in powerful ways.

Statement of Value

brandDigi helps clients have right marketing team in place, that leverages technology as well as strategy, to achieve what’s possible, and then more.

Client will become more optimistic, and be empowered,  her average day witnesses thriving business, and fuelled by constant growth, she will be able to gear up for  better and  longer vision.


To harness marketing  to help enterprises sell better, more and faster.

Focus On Accounts That Matter

You have the power to target not only accounts, but the actual decision-makers within the target companies. Engage them so they move more quickly through the sales funnel.  And, measure the success of your efforts,

A decision maker who perceived supplier content to be tailored to their needs is 40% more likely to buy.

If you’re looking for the most effective and efficient way to engage with your target customers,

Not only sales, we help in reselling & cross selling.

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