Businesses spend good deal of money to bring up their website, and keep putting in recurring investments for online marketing.
But, often they are ignorant about what is working and what is not working?

All businesses may not be able to engage agencies, to help with the required analysis. However irrespective of the size of your business, certain parameters business owners need to keep a close eye, to know what to expect, and understand actionable insights.

Regardless of if you are a B2B or B2C or A2Z company, regardless of if you are big or small, you can benefit from ensuring that data analysis drives business value.

The following are the three most important data of Google Analytics, you can’t ignore as a business owner. The more you take care of them, the better.

#1. Bounce Rate

This is a very important feature, and it represents the percentage of visitors who are leaving your website from the landing page itself. Reasons can be numerous eg., the page design or content is not engaging enough, or expectation mismatch etc.

Thanks to Bounce rate metric, we will know which webpages are performing well, whichever is not, so apt remedial measure can be taken immediately.

Also bounce may happen if the landing page is not the right page for targeted keywords. Here you can better use of your investment, by immediate correction.

However there is an exception, in case of single page & blog websites, where bounce rate is not a relevant parameter.

#2. Traffic data : Source, Technology, Medium, and Location


Traffic can be from Direct (where visitor directly enters URL in browser); Organic or paid search results, or through referrals. It helps to know how much traffic is getting through each channel. If a lot is coming through direct means, that represents your business’s increasing popularity, and brand value.

If you are getting a lot of visits though organic search, your SEO team is doing their job well, if not it is time to tell them sayonara, especially if they are already working on it for a couple of months.

Also you have details of how much traffic is coming due to search marketing campaigns.

Another important feature is referrals. It represents what kind of traffic you are getting from whichever referring website. This is where you often get surprises, you must ensure that your site gets referred from relevant and authority sites, that’s when you have more chances of conversions.

Based on these number of visits a business owner can gauge and plan her further investments.

Browser & OS of systems and mobile devices

Mobile devices’ details:

This is another interesting data, and must be monitored if your site has to give best user experience for all visitors. If your site is not compatible with any particular browser or operating system or model make of mobile device, especially from where you don’t want to miss visits, you must do the needful to improve the same.


This helps you to know which part of the world your visitors, all the way down to city level. It helps business owner identify wherever there is potential for expansion of business, and where she can minimise her efforts.

#3. Conversions

This is my favourite feature, and this is what we all want, as business owners. We have to keep looking if the conversion rates are increasing, or you should be wary and identify where the problem is.

Conversion are nothing but sales or check out for e-commerce site, news letter sign up for a services site, a downloading of white papers or an e-book for information sites, or submitting the contact us form, or filling of ‘ask for quote’ form for other services websites. Whatever it is, it has to be closely tracked for making further optimisation, to drive better results.

All the three can be compared with the respective previous periods, or with any preceding period for that matter, to understand trends, and impacts of the improvisations. Start leveraging on Google Analytics tools, and optimise your business processes, and be richer!

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