A true partner in achieving Your Marketing and Business Goals

We have seen SEO agencies  skewing their clients’ website pages, with their outmoded strategies, rather than providing any relevant traffic, and many Marketing agencies that give  proposals to suit their limitations, rather than giving a damn about clients’ business objectives.

You will end up more perplexed, compared to before you started with them.  Rather than focussing on the deliverables, they are always enthusiastic with their jargon, of different processes, like missing forest for the trees.

We seriously hope this is going to change. We hope there’s a way businesses identify serious and enthusiastic service providers from others.

After 4+ years in helping clients in digital marketing needs, many successes as well as failures, we are better equipped to handle and help in reaching your business goals.

Unlike previous years, this can be a landmark year, for your business,  that can set your journey off towards higher echelons.

Our core team has been involved in marketing for years.  Ever since brandDigi formed in Jan 2013, we have successfully delivered  projects in web & mobile app development, and a variety of  digital & social media marketing campaigns.

Unlike a lot of those service providers, we don’t confuse our customers  with a lot of talk, and inflated promises.

We want to help, because it’s not at all good to see our clients under leverage themselves, that leads to less sales, less income, that leads to low employee morale, and attrition,  which is all going against any progress , of business, and economy as a whole.

The reason we are in business, is only to help clients with a fine mix of proven campaign techniques, and experiments, with cutting edge techniques, that best aligned to your business goals.
Services We Offer : Sales/Conversion strategies, Lead Generation Services and  Growth Consulting
Podcasts : meant to help entrepreneurs in building right mindset, to equip themselves to handle challenges.

We are immensely excited by potential of online avenues in leveraging your proficiencies to the maximum possible extent, like never before, and we are quite open to experiment & discover new and cutting edge methods.

There are plethora of companies that are great in their core, but a near zero, in being able to market their services/products. Well this is a wake up call to such companies, you can no longer dependent on a few references, and their loyalty for long. Good or bad, you have to protect your business interests from competition, starting right now.

Partnering with brandDigi, for your marketing support, can work wonders, in achieving your business goals.

Our team is reliable & competent, and you can be assured of what you are promised, and never the less. But we are choosy about the clients we serve, and if we think we don’t add value, we won’t be interested.

We talk plain,  in your language, let you know our understanding and estimations, and let you take your call.

Ask for details from the following box.  You will be in the  driver’s seat.

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