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You thought your website visitors would be mesmerised, at awesomeness of the same,  come calling in growing numbers, and convert into customers.  But your hopes were quickly dashed when no such thing happened.
You almost gave up on your website, thinking that it’s not working for you.

Our Story

About brandDigiMany companies fail at marketing, as they either ignore or underestimate it, and hence, later victimised, in terms of suffering sales and souring sales costs… a huge opportunity loss.

Even we were there. After starting brandDigi, in Jan 2013, first 2-3 years, we ignored branding & marketing for our own company, thinking we are too busy in helping clients.

In other words, we were not following our own advise, and had to realise in a hard way.

In fact, in one of the digital marketing workshops for entrepreneurs I was handling, I was asked, what we are doing to marketing of our own company. I was literally dumbstruck, as we were not doing much for that!

Ever since we realised, we focused on branding & marketing for our own as well.

We did everything we usually do  and advise to our clients, some conventional, while others are some innovative tactics to increase relevant traffic and increase enquiries.

In a way, it jumpstarted brandDigi to reach new levels every passing day, and we believe, it will continue to go on, as we will keep putting in enough efforts, in right direction.

We are finding more enquiries, more calls, more sales, so we are able to do good a lot more companies in any month compared to before. Just as some of our happy  customers.

Our top service offering

If you are a company, we think you should not be bothered about jargon or different processes of digital marketing, unless you are  too interested.   All you need is how best we can support as a marketing team to improve  your sales funnel. That gives us a definitive challenge as well as clarity for you to assess results as we move on.

Our top service offering in the pecking order is Lead Generation Services.    Be you are in real estate looking to sell flats or plots, or a SAAS company looking to increase registrations, or any retail company looking for leads or sales, you are in the right place. And we can help you improve your About Page.

If you are looking to stand out in your domain as a thought leader, and set up your own podcast, we can help you with Podcast Services.

Partnering with brandDigi,  will be one of the best decisions you take to build your business to the next level.

Our 12 member team is reliable and  competent, and you can be assured of what you are promised.

Use the following box,  for more info about us.  With us,  you will be in the  driver’s seat.

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