FGE#13: “Every Challenge is an Opportunity ” – Amarnath Vasireddy, Founder, Slate – the School


Dec 31

Amarnath Vasireddy

Amarnath Vasireddy

Show Notes:

  • Introduction
    How he opted for start group one/ civils coaching?
    10 consecutive times, his students got state 1st ranks
    How and why he started a Slate school level ?
    Why he quit his ralilways job?
  • His initial investment, for ‘SLATE’ school.
    Expansion from one branch to 6 branches.
  • Why not franchise, instead of organic expansion?
    How to ensure quality, by providing holistic education?
  • How parents are encouraged to give feedback?
    How staff selection is done, to ensure standards.
  • Challenges faced?
    How his students grown and spread across over the years ?
  • Financial Challenges faced, in the beginning.
    How ‘Every challenge is an opportunity”
  • What’s he very good at?
    His advise: to have a bit of everything.
  • Why started school, instead of …may be college etc, given his backdrop?
  • Entrepreneur’s vulnerability: about other tempting opportunities he came across!
  • Practical Psychology is his passion.
  • Decision making process ?
  • No regrets about any past desisions, in hindsight!
    Daily rituals – to keep himself physically & mentally in the shape.
  • Hobbies: listening to classical music, writing
    Reading whole society, rather than reading books.
  • Advise to wannabe & startup entrepreneurs.
  • About financials & future.

Mentioned Url: http://www.slate-theschool.com/


Hope you enjoyed the show.

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Snc Ramakrishnacharyulu January 11, 2017

Quite inspirational ..

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