Digital Marketing – The Key Question Is To Do In-house Or To Outsource !

When you own a company which like all others is doing business online then you have to take care about its digital marketing. Now the questing is to hire a SEO firm or learn to do it yourself or have an in house team to handle it. It is very tough to find an answer to these questions.2013-08-23 15:34:52Depending on the type of business and the work at hand in some cases outsourcing may be the best choice. While in some cases building an in house team may come handy and doing it yourself may also be a good option. A mix of the alternatives available may also come to your rescue. Online or digital marketing may include terms like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click or PPC management, web design, online PR, content marketing, brand journalism, email marketing, mobile marketing.

Let us discuss about some of the major factors that will help you take the correct decision on choosing what is appropriate for your business:digital marketing 1What will be the Expenses involved?

You have to give a thought to what will be the expenses of Digital Marketing whether you are planning it to be in house or outsourced. Anything less than 200 USD per month will not be enough if you are planning to outsource as anyone who is ready for this rate are sure to be fake.

If you decided to do it yourself running an efficient online marketing campaign will cost you at least $3,000 per month. On the other hand the cost of hiring an in-house SEO professional will cost you at least $50,000 per year for an entry-level SEO professional who has few months of experience. For an experienced SEO professional with two to three years of experience you will have to shell out $70, marketing 2How much your business is dependent of digital marketing?

If online marketing is a critical part of your business say you are an online retailer who has millions in the bank and your entire business depends on how you execute your online marketing strategy then this is the scenario when you would want to have at least some sort of in-house team in spite of engaging in some outsourcing. You should learn some SEO as your entire business depends on it. Also as it is mission-critical online marketing has to be something you get educated about and get involved in.

On the other hand if your business can run without online marketing then there is less reason to do your SEO and other online marketing work in-house. You can utilize this time focusing on your core competency rather than worrying about marketing 3Do you have the required Experts available?

Now say you have analyzed the above two questions and you do not have budget albeit you still need to do online marketing then your only choice is to go in-house and do it yourself. Now you have to look at the expertise and if you don not have the required expertise then you have to learn.

If learning looks cumbersome and you have some budget to hire someone in-house but you may still have trouble finding the right expertise in your area. Depending on the location where your business is set up you may find plenty or less SEO experts. The same challenge is there when you are hiring a firm. Solution is you can always outsource or hire long distance relying on phone, email, video conferencing and other tools for communication.

You can also hire and manage in-house talent long distance. Though it may you a bit uneasy to work with people whom you cannot see face to face. Being open to working long distance will only increase the expertise available to marketing 4How much control you have after outsourcing?

Outsourcing does not mean that you will be losing all the control or will be out of touch with what is going on with your marketing. You will proactively monitor how the firm you have outsourced to is performing and helping your business grow. At any point if you have any concerns you have all the rights to question them and get a clarification.

The answer for when you should do your own digital marketing in-house rather than outsourcing it is not easy. You have to do a lot of research and consider all the factors.

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DIY Sites or Web Designers – The Answer is here

Now that you have finally made the decision that you need a new website you are probably in dilemma if you should hire a professional or try to build it yourself. Assuming you are a small business or a tech savvy person you are considering doing it yourself or take the DIY website route. While for some this can be a great decision but for others this can also lead to a disaster.Web design Many people believe a website is very simple thing to build. We just need a logo some basic color them and text. They then venture down the DIY website path only to find themselves going astray. Finally when they are in the middle of the project they realize that the whole web design process is more challenging than they originally visualized.  When website design is done correctly it involves lot more than just text, colors and logo. Let us look at some of the pros of hiring a specialized web designer along with the cons of using a do it yourself site.

Also read Hottest Web Design Trends To Consider For Face-Lifting Your Website Professional LookThe Professional Look The moment someone visits your website they tend to form an opinion of your business. This opinion is based entirely on the look of your site. Imagine that. Even if you provide the best service in the world or your products are the best your website is the one doing the talking. What do you want it to say? While DIY sites have to be built by you and may lack the professional like as you are not an expert at designing but when you go the extra mile and hire a professional web design company, they’ll notice the difference and your first impression will be significantly more positive. Device CompatibleMaking your site device compatible If you have little knowledge of new and upcoming technology standards for mobile websites but still plan to go with DIY websites then this can cost you big. You will not be aware of what solutions to use to make your website mobile compatible. If you weren’t aware of responsive web design then your website will fail on mobile devices. Instead hiring a professional web designer will build your site using the required technology. webdesignTime taken to build your site On one hand where the DIY sites are very time consuming, as you will have to first learn how to write the code and other technicalities. Professionals on the other hand can develop your site much faster as they are more experienced. While learning the coding process to develop a website may appear as a time waste you can work on drafting the more important marketing plan and hire professional web designers for your website. If not you will have to first work on the website and then the marketing plan. hire-web-designerDo you know the Technicalities As a businessman you may be good at numbers but may not know what is Search engine optimization, Website Performance Optimization, Analytic and security features which form an integral part of your website. Professional web designers are aware of all these technicalities. A professional website designer will guide you through the process and teach you about design best practices and make sure these elements are used within the project. Web PerformanceIs your website performing well Most of the websites developed using DIY do not perform optimally as they should. A web designer with experience knows the various plugins and 3rd party tools to integrate into your website to provide speed and security. These tools are a necessity for most WordPress sites and even more important for sites outside of WordPress where security may not be as strong.

Also read 3 Key Aspects of a Good Website SEO Perfect Company Where is your site placed in the search results For people who design a website on their own SEO is probably their last priority. They are not aware that without SEO their website in most cases will never appear on the first pages of Google. This means that nobody will find you when they search in Google. An expert web designer will code your site using SEO techniques and make sure you site comes in the top when searched for in Google.

Also read How to Redesign your Website Without Affecting SEO? Stressful business woman working on laptop When DIY sites can be used? If you are new and have budget constraints and only need a basic website to house and promote your business various DIY websites that are available can let you design, publish, and host your site for free or sometimes you will have to pay a small monthly fee. These services all feature “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) website editors. In other words, you don’t have to know a single line of code in order to build your own business website and design it using the templates that are shown and you site will look exactly the way you customize these templates. Godaddys and Weebly are examples of DIY sites that offer you these features. no-coding One should look at their website as an investment but not as a cost as they will fetch you a lot of money later. Also the investment is not as costly as may think. With CMS systems and plugins coming into existence the cost of hiring a professional web design company to do your job has come down. However the ROI has been ever increasing. So do you want a DIY website or a professional web designer? The answer is with you. As few questions like do you have the time for building your own site using the DIY features? Do you have the budget to hire a professional web designer? Do you want your website to look very professional? Do you want to stand out when compared to others in terms of performance? Do you want your site to be first in the search list? If your answer for these answers is yes then you are on the right page as our team of expert designers can help you in creating your dream website within no time. So don’t wait just call up and approach our team without wasting any more time.

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Hottest Web Design Trends To Consider For Face-Lifting Your Website

With the online market growing from nothing to everything there is nothing that a customer cannot order over the internet. Right from vegetables to buying a house everything is possible now with a click of the button. And if you are a business catering to the needs of the customers then your web site has to change with time and adopt the latest designing techniques to impress your customer. Let us look at some top trends that will help you.

 Flat UI

Flat UI Design

 Have you ever thought that simple can be superb ? Do want your web page to be loaded quickly and be responsive to change in browser size across different devices easily? Are you comfortable using simple elements, typography and flat colors in your web site ?

 If your answer to all the questions is yes then Flat UI Design will perfectly fit your web designing requirement.

 Apple’s latest iOS 7 software update is the best example for the design.

 A mixture of smooth colors united with total simplicity which will bring all your websites and web applications to life.

 minimalist webdesign


 Do you believe in Less is More? Just strip everything down in your web site to a stage where you cannot remove further to improve the design. The resultant design you have achieved simplicity and you have achieved Minimalism design.

 The mantra is no jazzy colors. No fancy images. Just content and nothing else but content. This straight to the point web design will replace everything in future as your customer does not want to spend more time decoding your web page but rather would like to grasp the entire information in a glance.

 Aka latest Windows Operating system 8 is the best example of the Minimalism design trend which is roaring in the market.

 Apple skeuomorphism


Are you using the real world objects to imitate your application because it is important for your business that users relate to the real world and understand the feature even without any help only by looking at the feature? Just a glance and they should be able to name the feature. Then you are already using Skeuomorphism design.

 If not what are you waiting for put the thinking caps on and identify the real world examples that you can relate your application with and get started for a new journey.Best utilized when your application is running on a mobile device and the touch screen nature of the smart devices will give an impression of touching real world objects.

 iBooks website which has adopted a wooden bookshelf with book covers to represent its digital content is a perfect example of skeuomorphism at work.

 Video Content

Video Content

There are millions of customers out there who understand things better when they are watching a video or animation rather than reading through long paragraphs. They think spending less time as the most important constraint while browsing; playing a video is a perfect bait to catch such potential customers.

With videos and animations becoming more and more cheaper to produce the future is indeed going to see a lot more of it, especially when it comes to introducing yourself to the world.

A look at this Spotify page and you will want your web sites to adopt the video content design to woo the customers.

 Context sensitive navigation

Context sensitive navigation

Annoying your customers with buttons and options that are permanently displayed all over your website? Add to the confusion are they actually using them often? Stop confusing the customer by making a smart move. Show them what is required only when the focus is on the object or when they want to see.

 Context sensitive navigation will help you redesign your web sites. Hide the unwanted buttons. Do not show the options until the user hovers over a link or selects an entry. Make your design simpler and delight the user by presenting the options when he chooses to see them.

 Gmail shows message action buttons only when you select the message and your applications visually appear much simpler than they really are.

 one page website

One Page Scrolling

You have just started your business and have limited pages to offer that can fit into a single page. All of your content can be served from within a single page and  your clients will be able to see your entire websites page by vertically scrolling up or down.

However please be noted of the considerations to make when choosing One Page Scrolling. Have a refined purpose for your design, triage your content to fit a single page, and create an interesting layout. Keep a check on these focal points and make your single page design meet its full potential.

 With this design already making name in the business community debutant brands are adopting it quickly to expand their business.

 Quick User Registration

 Quick User Registration

After searching through various search engines the customer has zeroed on your website. He needs to register before he can proceed and clicks on the registration link and finds a full page registration form. 90% of the clients will close your website as they have already wasted time in searching the right match and do not want to waste time filling forms.

 Do not worry. Just keep the registration quick and easy. Add an express registration form with 2 or 4 fields and see what wonders it can do to your business.

 Many popular sites today have adapted to this design and cashing on the increased user registrations. While some sites can directly link with your Facebook account details, sites like Tradus and Snapdeal may just need your phone number and address to register.

 fixed navigation

Fixed Navigation

Your users are really tired of scrolling up and down the pages and it is always a pain when one wants to go to the top or bottom of the page as he has to scroll the entire page up or down. And if the pages run through numerous paragraphs it is even more annoying for the user. A very small and interesting design addition which is very practical is to add menu items that are always available on the top of the page and the user can simply click on them to navigate to the required area in the website. It is a very simple change yet a great UX improvement which will satisfy you customer greatly and increase the hits of your website.

They, quite simply, make browsing a website far easier. Having a main menu of options at your immediate disposal is a major advantage in the impatient user’s cap, especially if the website has an exhaustive amount of content contained within.

A really big part of the Internet is already become smart and using this design and most of the other websites will soon have a fixed navigation or something similar.


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