Comparisons must be used to help, not to scare you out of your wits. You can set new reality,  rewritign new  set of rules.

And living in this heightened specific reality is a must to make the best out of your situations.
Strategic Thinking that goes behind and around successful marketing.

Comparisons and competitions are abused terms:
The biggest let down, if you are totally occupied with your competition is, you may get smug and may eventually go out of business, because of ( or seemingly ) stupidity of your competition.

Oftentimes….the parameters you are comparing with your competition may cease to matter, and it can happen even without your knowing.

comparison can be between any things, related or not. But competition can be only between two or more in related aspects.

Google competes with Facebook in getting more ad income.
Flipkart competes with Amazon in India, in ecommerce sales.
Amazon AWS competes with many hosting providers.
Tesla cars compete with all conventional cars.

The following did not care about competition, and in the process they crushed it, often with their awesomeness.

There are many photo apps , even before Instagram was launched.
There have been many message apps, even before whatsapp is invented.
There have been many social networks even before Facebook came into picture.
There have been phones, before iPhones, but launch of iPhone changed a lot and impacted industries like music, entertainment, communication, and computing….etc

Do bigger companies compete with each other?

I think bigger companies look to dominate more than compete with anyone. Facebook is trying to be the Internet of the world, Apple is continuing to be trendsetter in many ways, with its awesome products launches. Tesla is of its own kind, and growing.

It’s better, if you don’t compare.
The only competition is yourself, and it should become your duty to regularly beat yourself, to bring out a much better version on yourself.

Eg., Uber or Apple or such companies went to that level due to continuously rediscovering themselves, obviously they could have been unknown companies if they are over occupied with histrionics of their respective competitors, or some smaller goals.

What happens when people comparing themselves, or companies competing against each other ?
Generally, people who are yet to see significant success are preoccupied with wrong set of things or notions. Instead of understanding that gaps are there to fill, the differences scare them, to such an extent that they lose hope and give up their way, when they are comparing themselves to super successful people or companies.

To add to this, many successful people don’t know why they become so, often hinting at wrong things. But Internet economy brought out a far cry, of change.

Our example:

While I (brandDigi blog) is no where compared to smartpassiveincome, or quicksprout, or viperchill, nor it has wherewithal to compete with these. But this does not mean all doors are closed, for it to be a significant and top marketing blog.

There is room for brandDigi to be among top blogs, if it stands test of the time, helping greater audience, with ever rich content. Blueprint is a ready there, left out by their transperancy, and our innovation to be added on the top of it. And I’m committed to make this happen, with single minded devotion, by end of 2016.

The above mentioned blogs have audience in millions, and to go to such levels, brandDigi has huge task and it’s not going to be easy. And we are prepared for that. Each  have at least 8-12 years activity behind it. To reach such levels, brandDigi, almost at the starting level, need to do some real hacking, and forge ahead. As a follower of these blogs, and the people behind it, it’s logical and natural, to have such goal, and they would definitely be happy about it.

Stick to your guns, and know your ground.

Fire is all you need, that’s much better and larger than competitive spirit.

Still there’s no sure fire method, but still this is the way to go ahead.

Opportunities presents itself, and meets the prepared ones, does not matter whether you are better than competition or what !!

The world is one big mess, and nothing happens in an order, as so many variables known and unknown embody this. This implies uneven or abnormal growths even in unexpected places, and no one can keen a tab on anything.

You just have to do your thing, and be the best at it. And you must keep your eyes and ears open, to stay relevant, in your actions and thoughts. In this total spectrum, what your competition is doing may not be anything, at all. And does not matter much, unless you have resourcefulness to engage your competition towards your larger vision, that’s the epitome of super success indeed….the process, irrespective of the outcome.

Serious people may not be making much…
where as frivolous ones are doing much ground….example is gaming entrepreneurs….there are billionaire entrepreneurs who spent most of their youth care freely in gaming and lots of fun.

With the advent of technology, new opportunities arise, that are grabbed ( may not be intentionally) by these folks, and the rest is history. No one can predict this to happen, nor what more such opportunities exist, under the hood 🙂

How your goal setting is to be?
Your goal setting to be depending on your increased efficiencies, competencies, in the backdrop of your already achieved goals. Also sometimes what are going to do directly may not be resultant of what you have already done previously. Agility is to be embraced upon.

Marketing is more important then ever before

With increased content contribution from so many directions, your voice, service, or product is going to be missed, before you realize. If there’s success earlier, with just production, or rendering of your best service, it’s not the case any more. There’s an array of solutions, from across the globe, for every kind of requirement, and it’s your responsibility to gain attention, and convert that attention to conversion, amid too much of noise.

Diminishing brand loyalty:
Amidst so much of attention grabbing ( plethora of options available in the market), it’s too much to expect customer to show loyalty, and it’s your job to constantly feed customer with the best of what your products / services can do, for up selling or cross selling.

In other words, the older and bigger brands are losing out to newer and the smaller companies, whichever put in the efforts to that level. It’s happening in many cases.

Age does not matter any more:
You have to follow 10 years younger than you….how you readjust your comparison matrix ??

Here age might be about your biological, or age of your service. Both only matter to the extent that you make it relevant to people and their needs. So you may be young , or old, you can still ask to compete with the best of the best, and if successful in that, you will be rewarded, in spades.

Things are that simple, but unfortunately often it may not be that easy. To outsmart the creed, you must study and research the dynamics that take place behind the scenes, and under the hood, and then surmise what you can do to bring the same effect, and in how much time. How challenging it’s at individual level? If you think, it’s worth the plunge, and if you think that’s the smartest thing you can do now, that’s the way to go.

Limitations can be with your grasp of the situation, and may be it looked too simple. But no one has crystal ball, and you have to bank on your gut, to a lot extent.

But we are living an age, which is opportunity equalizer….your efforts will be rewarded aptly, to the extent you make them count.

Closing thoughts

Hence reiterating the title of this topic, there’s no comparisons prudent enough between the established, and the new, both will have their own pluses and minuses, and in the new world of Internet, it’s more true, and being proven, day in day out.

You can be David, in David & Goliath story. Because except what matters, nothing else is important. You must be busy looking for unicorn growth opportunities.

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