When you own a company which like all others is doing business online then you have to take care about its digital marketing. Now the questing is to hire a SEO firm or learn to do it yourself or have an in house team to handle it. It is very tough to find an answer to these questions.Depending on the type of business and the work at hand in some cases outsourcing may be the best choice. While in some cases building an in house team may come handy and doing it yourself may also be a good option. A mix of the alternatives available may also come to your rescue. Online or digital marketing may include terms like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click or PPC management, web design, online PR, content marketing, brand journalism, email marketing, mobile marketing.

Let us discuss about some of the major factors that will help you take the correct decision on choosing what is appropriate for your business:What will be the Expenses involved?

You have to give a thought to what will be the expenses of Digital Marketing whether you are planning it to be in house or outsourced. Anything less than 200 USD per month will not be enough if you are planning to outsource as anyone who is ready for this rate are sure to be fake.

If you decided to do it yourself running an efficient online marketing campaign will cost you at least $3,000 per month. On the other hand the cost of hiring an in-house SEO professional will cost you at least $50,000 per year for an entry-level SEO professional who has few months of experience. For an experienced SEO professional with two to three years of experience you will have to shell out $70,000.How much your business is dependent of digital marketing?

If online marketing is a critical part of your business say you are an online retailer who has millions in the bank and your entire business depends on how you execute your online marketing strategy then this is the scenario when you would want to have at least some sort of in-house team in spite of engaging in some outsourcing. You should learn some SEO as your entire business depends on it. Also as it is mission-critical online marketing has to be something you get educated about and get involved in.

On the other hand if your business can run without online marketing then there is less reason to do your SEO and other online marketing work in-house. You can utilize this time focusing on your core competency rather than worrying about SEO.Do you have the required Experts available?

Now say you have analyzed the above two questions and you do not have budget albeit you still need to do online marketing then your only choice is to go in-house and do it yourself. Now you have to look at the expertise and if you don not have the required expertise then you have to learn.

If learning looks cumbersome and you have some budget to hire someone in-house but you may still have trouble finding the right expertise in your area. Depending on the location where your business is set up you may find plenty or less SEO experts. The same challenge is there when you are hiring a firm. Solution is you can always outsource or hire long distance relying on phone, email, video conferencing and other tools for communication.

You can also hire and manage in-house talent long distance. Though it may you a bit uneasy to work with people whom you cannot see face to face. Being open to working long distance will only increase the expertise available to you.How much control you have after outsourcing?

Outsourcing does not mean that you will be losing all the control or will be out of touch with what is going on with your marketing. You will proactively monitor how the firm you have outsourced to is performing and helping your business grow. At any point if you have any concerns you have all the rights to question them and get a clarification.

The answer for when you should do your own digital marketing in-house rather than outsourcing it is not easy. You have to do a lot of research and consider all the factors.

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