Definition of Viral Marketing

While it can be challenging  to know exactly how you should promote any good application, here are some top apps, where the app growth is very much part, and embedded with in app itself and that worked phenomenally.

Top 5 edgy apps with viral growth strategies

1. Words with friends

words with friends is an excellent application because it creates highly engaging content that promotes social sharing. Applications like words with friends start gameplay only after you connect with people across a social network. This means that you have to first sign into the application and invite friends before you can get started and playing. With this gameplay the app creator ensured that one person playing will bring in other players too.

2. Acting out, charades for the I-phone

acting out is an excellent platform because it satisfies the need for us to connect while engaging us, to enjoy as we connect. Acting out is like video chat only with the object of the game involved as well. The app creators made a video platform where the game happens with friends, only after they are invited. This encourages social sharing and communication on the platform.

3. Candy crush

Candy crush perhaps one of the most popular edgy app and it utilizes the one click rule. Users on Candy crush can unlock extra levels by connecting with other individuals over Facebook. With one simple click users can invite other users to unlock new aspects of the game. This is marketing that does itself.

4. Tinder

Tinder is an extremely edgy app and it falls in the adult dating category.
The edginess with Tender however is its Facebook connect feature as well as the invite button. As soon as a user runs out of matches for the day or runs out of matches in general they can invite some of their friends or send out a social media share with the click of a button.
Having a finite number of users, swipes or actions before a user has to complete a social share is an excellent way to continuous growth.

5. Adventure capitalist

this is an edgy application that takes on marketing in a new way. Rather than marketing its product directly to users the creators of this application opened up an advertising market to give players a boost. Players can view advertisements for various apps in the app market to boost their progress in the game each day. This means that the app creators are earning money on every advertisement viewed on their system while rewarding players with a base bonus on their progress. Utilizing this technique, creator is set to not only profit from boost in the game but from advertising revenues in partnerships with other app creators.
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