FGE #6 : A New Age Marwari Farmer, you can’t ignore…with Shashi Galada, of Sneh Agritech, and Pal Anmol Entertainments


Jul 27

Shashi Galada

Shashi Galada


In this wonderful episode, the following are covered. While this is highly informative for every one, people are not interested in knowing a lot about farming can skip as mentioned below.

  • Background:
    Reg His ancestors, His Father
    His Education & marriage
  • His brief stint at his father’s company
    How he handled employees strike at Uppal
  • Starting event mgmt company : pal anmol
    Stopped BTL activities.
    How much avg singleday marriages spend ?
  • Buying agriculteral land…
    How Google helped him, and also kept him asking for more.
    How was first 3 years for SneH Agritech resulted him losses?
    How he ended up learning about different forms of holistic farming
    Attending biodynamic farming workshops
    Dilemma about ethics
    About Jainism / ethics/ cultural values
    Zero budget natural farming
    Importance of Cow
    About Homeopathy for farming
    Cycling Farming
    Dividing time between farming and events business
    COnsulting in farming / perma culture
    Food Farest in 14 Acres
    Designing 1 Acre self sufficient farming & plan to resell
    Food being commodity & about cash crops
    Why farmer suicides happen
    Diversifying across different crops…gives continuous income
    Retailing…to customers directly
    Getting native seeds is tough
  • How Marwaris become rich, and rules they follow:
    why first 1000 days are the most important in building company
    How to distribute your earnings
    Persistence & invest in in self education
  • Future Plans
    Advise to enthusiasts into farming
    Competing about Mother Earth & about giving back
  • Books that highly influenced : Mein Kampf – Autobiography of Adolf Hitler, Amar Chitra Katha – The comics  and Jain Comic books


Hope you enjoyed the show.

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