Google Glass – Why and Why not?

Startling the populace with its inventions is now one of the daily chores for the company Google. By now, Google has occupied an inevitable place in people’s life solving their equations within a fraction of seconds.

Now and then it keeps on delivering devices to people which was even impossible to dream if we think of the world a generation prior. The most recent wonder which is keeping the Google team in the news is the new Google Glass.

The world of computers has evolved prodigiously and the outcome is miraculous. The shrinking size of computers from the size of a big room to the one you are probably holding in your hand has made the contemporary life much easier.

What if you don’t even have to hold it in your hand?

Yes. Google has now come up with a genius device which can be attached to your spectacles and it will guide you to the world and additionally capture it for your record. This device uses android as an operating system and offers many other up to date services you can hardly believe. It works on touch as well as takes voice commands to operate.


The wonders of Google Glass can be imagined by this very brief introduction. But, imagination is never enough. Google Glass has some unique features which makes its invention full of astonishment.

  • As the size of an operating device gets smaller, the user has the convenience of using it the way they feel like. You don’t even need to keep a hand free for operating the device. All you need is to give a voice command to get your work done. You don’t need to take pains to send an important message while you are engaged in some important work; “Google Glass” will do it for you.
  • The camera and the video recording make it very easy for you to click pictures and record your experiences. You can enjoy the moment and Google Glass will capture the pictures on your command. If you are travelling and your hands are busy, you can still record your explorations, this time without the difficulty of putting your bags down and engaging with your camera every now and then. It also enables you to share your videos live with your family and friends.
  • You can make rational uses of the applications it supports. Profuse applications are being developed for the device making the gadget all the more useful. You don’t need a chart size map to manage in the wind, now your Google Glass will show you the way to any part of the world you are set to explore.
  • The people with “I must Google it” habit can now easily search for their queries using this gadget. Gone are the times when you had to frame appropriate keywords and type them, now Google will answer you on your voice commands. Sounds exciting and hassle-free, true that?
  • The Google translate installed in the gadget makes your international trips easier as it effortlessly translates your language into the native language of the place. “Google Glass” guarantees speed and is uncomplicated and effortless along with its other awe-struck features. You may need some time to understand how it works, but ones you are used to it; it would be difficult to do without it.


Now, it is evident that a thing cannot be perfect for all purposes. It is unavoidable that a thing of great use can prove to be a thing of great destruction as well. “Google Glass” too has some limitations. These limitations are not exactly in the gadget itself, but the impact it can have on various things.

  • The first point worth a thought is its attack on privacy. It gives the user a liberty to record videos and click pictures without the knowledge of a second person. But, on the same note, it abducts the right to privacy of the persons being recorded. Also, the face recognition feature is as harmful as it is useful. Though the gadget is developed as a help it is severely prone to misuse.
  • The price is also to be kept in mind. It is supposed to cost around $1500 US currency. So, in the run of making your life a bit easier, you have to make a big deliberate hole in your pocket book. Nothing comes for free, but not everything is that costly too. Most of the applications and the functions can be found in an advanced smart phone as well, so the question is: is it worth all the dollars?
  • And then, the gadgets which are used now-a-days are said to emit health hazards. So, it is obviously questionable that how much harm it can do when it is to be carried off as glasses? The screen will be too close to the retina; in return can affect it negatively. Also, it will be put up near the brain; the radiations need to cover a minimal distance to affect the brain.
  • A large part of the population uses spectacles in their daily lives. This device called “Google Glass” is fitted into the particular frames so it becomes quite difficult and at times impossible for the people with defected eye sight to wear an additional glass. Moreover, It cannot be used while the user is driving as it forms a screen just in front of the eyes distracting the user.

Overall, the product is an outcome of a team of technology geniuses for sure, but the fact cannot be over ruled that along with its many advantages it carries with it some inescapable faults as well. The availability of the gadget is limited till now but in a future, very near, it is supposed to be available to all. It remains a personal choice of the masses to accept it as an asset or to reject it.

Impact on Marketing

Now, it is evident that the invention of a gadget with this level of dexterity is bound to make some differences in the market. Not only market, but marketing as well.

It is being prophesised that the launch of “Google Glass” in the market and its distribution among the common public is going to make some powerful impact on the market. Let’s look at some of these predictions:

  • With the increasing popularity of third party applications in smart phones and tablets, businesses have been using it to promote themselves. The popularity of “Google Glass” and the third party applications designed for the gadget is also going to help the marketing arena. Traders will use these applications to reach to their customers.
  • Social Media marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies used by companies these days to promote their products. This gadget will also enhance the use of social networking by offering its exclusive features. As a result, there will be a maximised use of social media marketing for reaching out the masses.
  • The stunning feature of live video sharing also will help the market to grow. Entrepreneurs can share live videos of events in lieu of the live streaming, they will be gaining customers.
  • Internet marketing is an old formula but Google Glass will surely give it a new dimension. It is one thing to locate a store while you are still sitting at home and see how many of your friends recommend it. But using “Google Glass”, it gets much more physical. Passing by a street and your gadget providing you vouchers and your friends recommending it just in front of your eyes is obviously going to have a different impact. The business will witness growth by this kind of never before marketing.
  • It will be easier for the shopkeepers to showcase what they aim at selling, or say eating joints can now record their happy customers much more easily and share it to invite more customers. It fits in for mostly all the businesses.
  • But, it is not positive for all. The links and website which fail to make it to the top most links on the search engine may have to suffer quite a deal. With the introduction of the voice commands, the need of searching for links yourself will almost vanish. For example, if you ask “What is the capital of India, Google?” Google will show you a information card or just speak the answer it considers to be the closest. Making a loss to the websites which may have been checked on by the user for getting the given information.

Though it is all predicted, there is still an amount of time before it excels the market. It is not possible for everyone to invest on a “Google Glass” immediately, but as it is developed further and the rates come down it will reach the masses. Then only the outcome of the gadget can be judged accurately.

The future of “Google Glass” will be altering the future of many other things, marketing being one of the things on the top of the list.