Be Passionate about ‘Living Good Life and Creating Leadership’….with Suresh Rayudu Chitturi of Srinivasa Hatcheries


Jul 22

Suresh Rayudu Chitturi, Managing Director of Srinivasa Hatcheries, and Former Chairman of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Andhra Pradesh

Suresh Rayudu Chitturi

In this lively interview the following topics are covered: (Transcripts will be there soon)

  • Studied Comp Science Engg in RV College in Bangalore, and MS in US
  • Worked in Venkateswara Hatcheries …
  • Worked under Dr BV Rao for 3 years, in Pune
  • 1 in 4 eggs come from group.
  • What’s hatcheries primarily means.
  • India 98th in the world, now in 3rd
  • Generation gap issues…
  • how he handled during his beginning days in the company.
  • His internship started as incharge of toilets at Venkateswara Hatcheries/Pune !!!
  • from the beginning: Likes to take responsibility, and does not like to take permission.
  • How he streamlined processes, to increase performance
  • 2001-2002: started feed biz Progress: 8-10 times increased ever since he took over
  • feed itself grown a lot: is Rs 400-500 crores
  • Tried restaurants, but exited, due to lack of bandwidth
  • While the number of clients come down, sales increased significantly.
  • How he’s gearing up his company for next phase of growth ?
  • His company does not need him more than once in a week !
  • About What he tells his son, and pushing his team to shoot for higher goals.
  • Huge growth opportunity: About What initiative taken to build his company 4-5 times bigger, in next 10 years.
  • How he’s creating leadership in the team.
  • About Why it’s critical for a boss to trust his team.
  • Life is never black & white !
  • About crisis situations he/ SH faced & handled.
  • Acqua feed is 4-5 times more profitable than chicken feed, but they had to discontinue due to no rsk mitigation.
  • About Why the company got delisted from stock exchange.
  • About mentorship, and how it shapes up for him, from time to time.
  • About productivity
  • Some Super Successfuls Projections for the industry in the next 10-15 years
  • His 2 terms in CII, and reg Andhra Pradesh Development.
  • Parting advise: be passionate with living good life, money follows. read about great companies.
  • His hobbies include travelling, wildlife/natural photography
  • Recommended books include : Mindset by Carol Dweck,


Hope you enjoyed the show.

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