FGE 10: Three pillars Investors look for in a StartUp…with Sanjay Jesrani of Go North Ventures


Sep 01

Sanjay Jesrani

Sanjay Jesrani of Go North Ventures


  • Background : Chartered Accountant/ Sierra Atlantic / Hitachi Consulting India
    Transition from corporate to Angel investing
    Indian Angel Network
    50K Network
  • Portfolio: 12+ Personal Investments
    Mentor Capital / Financial Capital
    Typical ticket size of investments by a group ( 30 investors)
    success rate is less than 5% for investors
    FFF : Family Friends Fools
    10-20 lacs typical size by any individual investor
    Startup eco system / 95% failure rate
    autopsy.io : articles on failures
    Advise on improving success chances for founders
    complementary founders
    Learn Learn
    view on Startup push by Modi Govt
    Key Parameters investor looks in a startup: problem, size, solution, DNA of founders, whole economics of operations ( clients’ acquisition, financial mgmt)
  • Three pillars : customer acquisition & retention , operations pillar, technology layer pillar
    Right stage to go for funding
    Don’t lose your stake
    Recommended : you should not dilute more than 30%….to retain 70% with founders at series A funding
    Must Focus on growth hacking, rather than looking for funding for everything
    Founders’ ability to bootstrap their way through!!
  • The importance of cofounder : recommended 2-3
    Difficulty of being single founder of startup
    What a startup should expect from an investor, apart from funding
    Investor’s expectations vs startup founders’ long term aspirations
    Early stage investors get chance to exit in 3-5 yrs, in successful startups
  • His investments ( oldest is 2.5 months old)
    Missed opportunities!
    Monitoring investments ( all key parameters/ quarterly progress )
    Importance of mentorship, prevalent situation in India
  • Advise: Israel( of 8 million population ) model of hierarchy: Devil’s advocate
    Book recommedned : Startup Nation
  • Mr Sanjay Jesrani can be reached on twitter @sanjay_jesrani  or on https://www.facebook.com/gonorthventures/



Hope you enjoyed the show.

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Raghu October 24, 2016

Thank you very much Sanjay for your detailed answers about startups and your experience.

Thanks Ravi for initiating this show.

Nizam A Faruqhi October 31, 2016

really excellent idea of share tips and techniques of business from the experts. really helpful for streamlining the business model.

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