16 | MetaMorphosis from being an agricultural labourer to a thriving Entrepreneur – Jyothi Reddy, CEO, Key Software Solutions Inc


Mar 03

Jyothi Reddy

Jyothi Reddy


Show Notes:

  • Intro
  • Childhood @ an Orphanage home
  • Early marriage @16
  • Life as agricultural laborer / paddy work
  • Starting as adult education teacher / a govt project
  • Promotion to national service volunteer
  • Shifting to Warangal, from her Mylaram village
  • Learning type writing, passing with good grade
  • Her autobiography : ‘Yet, I am not defeated‘  and its telugu version: “ఐనా, నేను ఓడిపోలేదు
  • Selling her mangalsutra for ensuring survival
  • Into Stiching petti coats..
  • Going for higher education: with Ambedkar Open University
  • Started as a librarian (drda)
  • No respite…no leisure never
  • Govt job: As a special teacher
  • Selling saris during train journey, daily
  • APJ Kalam’s ‘Wings of Fire‘ inspired her.
  • how she spearheaded progress in the school.
  • As mandal girl child development (mgcd) officer
  • parallelly she was running chits business
  • How she got motivated to goto America !
  • Success is her best revenge!
  • Getting her VISA approved: her third turning point
  • Landing in San Francisco, US, in May 2000.
  • Started as a sales girl, as a baby sitter, and other odd jobs
  • then as IT recruiter.
  • How bible helped her improve language skills.
  • Her happiest moment, how her street smart skills & will power helped her!
  • She was not getting any IT job.
  • during her break when she was in India / idea of starting own business germinated
  • earnings or learning,  and nothing else she has time for.
  • On Aug 26th 2001, She started her business, in Phoenix.
  • 63 is current headcount, corp2corp biz more.
  • She’s currently pursuing PhD, Cape University, South Africa.
  • passion to complete project, reg orphans.
  • About revenues, and other entrepreneurial challenges
  • Other struggles…as a woman & how she was able to handle.
  • Why she dedicated her book her dad, inspite his putting her in orphanage, and into other difficulties….
  • About plans for next 5 years


Hope you enjoyed the show.

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Ch.Sridhara Chary March 5, 2017

కృషి – పట్టుదల- సంకల్పం తో జ్యోతి రెడ్డి మేడం చేసిన ప్రతి ప్రయత్నం విజయం సాధించేలా చేసింది. ప్రతి విజయం లో కృషి వల్ల ఎదురైనా సమస్యలను పట్టుదలతో సాధించి, సంకల్పాన్ని విజయం గా మలుచుకున్నారు. మీ విజయం అందరికి స్ఫూర్తి కావలి.

ShyamReddy Pathuri March 6, 2017

Inspiring .. thank u

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