Scaling BIG dreams, while busy flying between US & Hyderabad…with Kamakshi Mahamkali, of


Jul 05

Kamakashi Mahamkali  kamakshi Mahamkali


In this cool episode, the following are covered:


  • Introduction
  • Secret behind Srihita’s great success
  • Background: childhood, parents’ influence & encouragement, interest in art & paintings, education
  • Started arch firm in 2007, in US
  • Started SriHita Exports, a B2B biz
  • About getting the first few customers
  • About how She set up her backend supply channels/suppliers, from India
  • About how Picassa helped a lot, especially during initial years
  • Setting up big office in Banjara Hills, to take biz to the next level
  • launching in 2015
  • Managing her time between Phoenix, Arizona and Hyderabad
  • Business distribution from different geographies
  • 40% biz from Social media efforts
  • her challenges
  • about who influenced her
  • her market research efforts, before pursuing new line of business
  • reg lack of mentorship so far
  • work life balance
  • women & entrepreneurism in India
  • plans ahead for vynam & SriHita
  • advise to 10 years younger Kamakshi
  • Her advise to all women , advise to wannabe entrepreneurs
  • How She can be reached : Facebook (


Hope you enjoyed the show.

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