Being the first mover in the Indian Event Industry …….with Chennapa Naidu Darapaneni of MeraEvents


Jun 26

ChennapaNaidu Darapaneni

meravents naidu

In this episode, you will learn

    • Intro Naidu/ MeraEvents (
    • Background: childhood, studies
    • career initial days
    • As Trainer/ AS400, and then moving to USA
    • Starting friends’ book stall, while as a student.
    • Started consulting biz, with ODC in Hyd
    • Versant Technologies sold out to Aspire Systems
    • Entering into events industry
    • Getting first customers for MeraEvents
    • Total investment till date for MeraEvents
    • Focus on Affiliate Sales & viral ticketing
    • MeraEvents services to event organisers
    • Reaching relevancy to relevant people based on their history
    • Not even 20% market is touched yet, all players put together in event industry
    • Market teaches you everything
    • Increasing digital awareness of event organisers
    • Continuous improvement of the website
    • Mentorship
    • How one to  choose mentees
    • Work Life balance & hobbies
    • Future plans
    • Home work/ Market Research, before pursuing anything
    • Advise to new entrepreneurs in the space
    • Social media: @naidudc  on twitter, and facebook


Hope you enjoyed the show.

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