An Voracious Reader to being a Seasoned Entrepreneur: a fascinating journey of Prof B P Padala, Chairman of Roots Management Institutes, Hyderabad


Jun 27

Prof B P Padala, Chairman, Roots Management Institutes, HyderabadB P Padala


Show Notes:

  • Background
  • Wanting to become entrepreneur since day one
  • Beginning as literary contributor in Eenadu, while as a student
  • First brush with entrepreneurship: publishing a monthly magazine Prajna helping students preparing for civils exams, and closing the same at height of its circulation
  • Venturing into education: Prathibha Junior College for women
  • How he pulled through hard times till achieving break even
  • Being a principal and peon, and everything in between
  • Converted girls college into co education college
  • Partnership with Mafoi & how it helped him
  • Roots ( started in Himayatnagar, how he ensured it’s a runaway success
  • His dream to establish private university
  • Other initiatives / ventures & tie ups with other organisations
  • Profound influence of Ayn Rand
  • Most impactful books include Atlas Shrugged, and Roots


  • About  mentorship
  • About What stopped him from growing too fast
  • Reg work life balance, family hobbies/ travel
  • Advise to startUps reg raising funding
  • Top 3 things he looks for, as an investor
  • Paradigm shift in education & the latest Govt policies
  • He can be reached at
K Pandia Rajan of MaFoi ( )
50k ventures (


Hope you enjoyed the show.

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