Podcasting is getting hot in B2B marketing circles right now, and for a good reason. But, to a large extent, it as a medium still remains an uncrowded & untapped.

Podcasting as a content strategy

podcastingDifferent people have different preferences when it comes to communication, which is why seasoned marketers combine a mix of different marketing tactics.

Connecting with your audience is a vital part of finding marketing success. Building and nurturing that audience can turn potential customers into loyal customers.

Beauty of  the podcast is listeners can tune into it, anytime, anywhere, unlike video, which requires a quite place, and text, which require your undivided attention.

Podcasting can be perfect for connecting with that sought after on the go audience and it has the added benefit of promoting your other content efforts.

Why you can’t ignore it?

According to the Washington Post, subscriptions of podcasts through iTunes passed the one billion point in 2013.  

Forbes says the medium is the Uber of advertising.

Podcasts’ audience are growing between 20-25% yoy.

The same number of americans listen to podcasts, and use twitter.

Podcast growth is driven by mobility.

42 million Americans listen to podcast weekly, and it’s steadily growing. And the rest of the world is catching up.


If you want to expand your reach, a podcast can give you that opportunity, in a way similar to, and in  many ways more than, influencer marketing.

Aside from being an alternate form of content, having a podcast available on iTunes and other audio channels, has the potential to introduce your brand to new people.

Some marketers aren’t crazy about writing. But having a consistent voice is an important part of marketing, and creating a podcast can help you find and strengthen the voice of your brand.

Planning and recording your podcast can help you combine the best points of your business with a natural voice that customers can connect to.

Driving to and from work can feel like wasted time, especially for people with a long drive. Podcasts allow commuters to make good use of their time getting to work. With a podcast, your audience can take in your stories from the car, the gym or with some speakers, even the shower.

It’s the perfect medium for a busy professional to keep up with your brand.

As you work on using data-driven decisions to move customers down the sales funnel, podcasts can be a great tool to complement your efforts.

Now most people own smart devices, which they carry almost 24×7 on themselves, while in-car technology means podcasts are a viable alternative to traditional radio.


A podcast can be a great way to learn from industry peers and leaders, giving your team a one-on-one Q&A session with some of the smartest folks in your industry.

It’s an extremely low-pressure marketing tactic. There is no better way to ask for someone’s attention than to say, “Hello, you’re super smart — I’d like to feature you.”

B2B content creators have a great opportunity with podcasts that is not embraced enough: inviting their own clients and customers onto the show.

Generally, our clients and customers, instead of who’s who in the industry, may not have spent as much time in front of the mic. That is an opportunity to get a new story, and to spend an hour a week conversing with your market.

Plus, it’s these guests’ ideas, stories and concerns that are likely most appealing to your own potential customer base.


Advertising opportunities

And the style of podcast advertising is drastically different, too. It’s personal, relevant, and often comes with the endorsement of the podcast host that the listeners trust, over a period of time..

Because of this, podcast advertising is far more valuable than traditional advertising to companies.

You could advertise on a podcast with a loyal, engaged audience of 1,000, and see a far higher consumer action rate than advertising to a million people who don’t care.

How to podcast ?

Creating a podcast is easy.

It is essentially an mp3 file made available for downloading on the internet.

All you need is a computer with broadband access, a microphone and headphones.

But Creating podcasts takes time – and a lot of it.

The journey from the initial planning stage, through to the execution and final distribution of your audio file is a long one, so don’t commit if you’re not prepared to put in the work.  


Typical examples

A services company, can podcast featuring their satisfied customers, and a lot of it can resonate with existing & prospective customer base. This can be many times more powerful than a 2 liner testimonial. It helps the company better understand customers, as well as it helps customer engagement quickly.


Similarly, A manufacturing company, may podcast featuring their clients as well as some industry leaders in their domain, to dive deep into all important aspects of industry, as well as to establish leadership, and effective branding.


And so on.

Ensure you create value

Obviously, no one wants to download an elaborate sales pitch.

As the saying goes, content is king – and podcasts are just another form of content. Authenticity and quality are the keys to success.

B2B podcasts are the perfect medium for engaging with a niche audience – and addressing the topics that they are really interested in.

podcastingAnd because people can listen to them wherever they are and whatever they’re doing, you know that if you target the right audience, they’ll be hooked on what you have to say, if you plan carefully what your message is and deliver it in a way that is lively and informative, ie., intellectually entertaining, and inspiring at the same time.

Consistent publishing creates a sense of stability and sets audience expectations as well.

In other words, you should approach podcasts in the same way that you would approach to write blog, or make video.




As mentioned already, podcasts are a great way to intimately engage with your target audience on a deeper level.

If you’re willing to invest in it, the ROI is potentially huge.

Any organizations or individuals,  that are keen to adopt podcasting as one of their key marketing strategies, can contact us for any support.

We will be happy to help you focus on the bare bones of delivering informative and engaging content for your target audience to listen to, and rest all nitty gritties be taken care of, by our team.

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