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Mar 12

Who this guide is meant for 

Boutique & midsize real estate firms : who are not strong on technology and marketing, but looking for good growth, and need lead generation services.

Real estate is a vast sector that touches all our lives, in more ways than we know.

But it has been lagging behind other sectors in leveraging the latest and cutting edge marketing tactics and strategies, and hence has been losing a lot of marketing opportunities.

Why most have not woken upto it?

Most ( are unorganized) real estate is in the hands of small operators, who have been so used to conventional methods. They believe in sentiment and luck, and the most are used to hope and pray, more than anything.

What most Real Estate companies are doing currently ?

Many think, if website is there, whole world will come and check their pages, though the pages again may not contain much info, more than a few basic information.

Beyond  websites, what most do is conventional, and offline. Some spend heavily on news paper ads, and local cable tv ads, too.

How online marketing can be a game changer ?

How many ever times, sofar contacted by a real estate company, is all through offline marketing....through eg., pamphlets, cold calling, scheduling for site visits, followed by follow ups, till the customer buys it, or till they are convinced that it's waste of time to follow up any further with the respective lead.

Except some VakilHousing from Bangalore, I personally have not seen any email, from any other real estate companies.

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Overall, the most are not leveraging the Internet, as much as it can be done, where the increased presence of the prospects have been spending increasing amount of their time.

    There is a massive need to attract prospective individuals, who are likely to buy plots and flats.

    Best ways to reach them have been intensely discussed in this post, mostly using online strategies and tactics..

    Some Reputed Real Estate Companies Sites

    Challenges in going full force :

    Here below, we have a brief analysis of  a few top real estate companies in Hyderabad,

    • : is among the reputed builders in Hyderabad, their site has testimonials, but they have not used effectively. Same is the case with press mentions. They have to work on contact forms, which are too long right now, will scare away any customers, instead of helping them fill in their details.
    • while DLF is quite famous, they have not mentioned any thing to emotionally connect with website visitors. Chat option is there, and hence whole relation building is dependent on whoever is attending to chat, which most often not good enough.
    • : they have a beautiful website, and social media presence, and looks like they have presence in many cities in India. But a few minutes in their Facebook page, can drive away their potential clients, as its full of their current clients' complaints, unattended to.

    There are many more. Most of these companies, have not yet adopted low cost retargeting, which could have improved their success rate.

    Real Estate Market in Hyderabad

    If we look in Hyderabad....real estate is always in active state, no matter it's in slump, or in the high.

    Hyderabad is one of the top cities in India, where online population as well as activity is quite high and rising. And obviously that's where the marketing guns of all real estate companies must aim at.

    Most online activity is dominated by social media ( call it Facebook ) and messaging ( again primarily Facebook it whatsapp or messenger ).

    No marketing activity to be planned, without thoroughly considering of online and social media activity.

    As from the below stats, more and more people are spending more time online, it's sensible for businesses to target prospects  online.

    • 90 percent of homebuyers searched online during their home-buying process.
    • Real estate-related searches on Google grew 253 percent over the past four years.
    • 29% are female internet users in India.
    • Total number of internal users is projected to reach around 402 million by the end of 2015. The number of monthly active internet users in India is set to reach 351 million in December 2015.


    ​Here, in the rest of the post, we have listed the most exhaustive list of strategies real estate companies can use, to pique interest, as well as to make sales of their inventory.

    Facebook Marketing

    The single most advantage of Facebook advt is it reaches targets, even if they are not actively searching for it, and it is not possible with Google advts. Also overall advt cost is less than that of Google.

    People can be targeted on the basis of

    • Interests
    • Education / profession / business etc
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Geographical location

    There are the following varieties of ads, can be considered:

    Lead ads : Objective is to  collect leads, sometimes even without leaving Facebook, if chosen so..

    Using Facebook Ads to get newsletters in front of an even wider audience
    real estate marketing

    Carousel ads: In this type of ad, the advertiser will have a chance to show case multiple images in the same ad, ideal for real estate business to show case different options, with high quality images.

    Links embedded in video: In this type of ad, while/after watching video, viewers can click on the shown link, that leads to the intended action. Again this is idea for real estate companies to showcase, small snippets / video shoot, of their inventory.


    Remarketing is cost effective, it amounts targeting your recent website visitors and campaigning to them, both on Facebook, and Google display network.

    This is done by enabling cookies in visitors desktops, devices, from where they accessed their website.

      Branding is not just about telling facts, but also about selling stories.:

      Facts and jargon bore people to no end, how useful they may be though. The prime responsibility of marketers is telling good stories.

      Stories interest kids and the old alike. And they can be memorable for long time.

      Below is an excellent example, the way a Japanese real estate company (suumo) tells a story, through excellent creative:

      People relate to people, more than products or properties. People and the brand they represent, can be made to have high recall value, in the long term.

      Strong brand name, means a popular one, can get the job half done, in terms of marketing.

      So with every new launch of property is to enhance the brand value, and every care to be taken not to compromise or dilute strength of brand.

      when a new company is created, it's brand is valued at next to nothing, but consistent efforts to make the company successful, and positioning of the brand in the market, can gradually see increasing value of brand.

      DLF, Aparna, MyHome etc are brands...and their brand name sells properties with ease.

      Local Sponsorships / invest in community to generate top of the mind referrals

      Real estate companies can be active in local community groups, and occasionally sponsoring local events can help their name known and next time anyone looking to buy, who else they can remember.

      Be on Local Press and other Media 

      Though it's not directly related, or proportional....whether whoever going to see in the local press or media is going to helps brand name again, and can help your image to a level, that can't be ignored.

      Bandit Signs

      Bandit signs, though of limited use, that's within limited geography , must be used, and it helps people coming towards visiting your property, in helping them take right directions, comfortably.

      Videos / Staging

      Videos, especially of completed buildings, and houses, can greatly help in increase buyers' interest.

      Any building will have some interiors, that are of the best look, that can be promoted, more than other views of interiors.

      Now more and more videos are being viewed, before anything, and hence this needs to be leveraged.

      Make your property memorable with one stand-out item that buyers can't forget

      Though it might lead to some extra investment, but it's worthy to have your property stand out among many others, rather than being an also property.

      Invest in professional photographs of your properties

      While photographs of properties can be very useful, getting them done by a professional, can make a lot of difference.

      As mentioned before, having right photographs, can make a great story, it helps promotions greatly, and hence in connecting to viewers.

      Start building your email list now:  

      For realtors, it’s important to stay in touch with people and to remind them on a regular basis of what it is that you do.

      When the time comes that they actually need your services, you’ll hopefully be the first person they think of because of your consistent marketing.

      Among all avenues, email marketing is one of the best, and great in terms of ROI.

      However many real estate companies, which are new to online promotions, may not have any list.

      It's like the best time to plant trees is 30 years, and this next best time is now.

      And as not many real estate firms are doing it, that's a distinctive advantage.

      Reputation Management

      A serious real estate company must guard its reputation, both online and offline, as reputation is everything in business.

      It includes prompt attending to customer questions, issues, and complaints. Left unattended to, won't keep a good image, and it will repel any visitors though looking to buy.

      Targeting to Niche ( Develop Customer target personas)

      This is a shrewd marketing technique, can trump many other tactics of your competitors, and can help in more sales.

      For this to work, you must have studied and understand unique needs of your city, locality, its strengths, limitations, and opportunities.

      Instead of targeting to everyone out there, you may target for people in police department, defense personnel etc...

      Though in reality, the properties can be sold to anyone, picking a niche and targeting to them makes your offer stand out, promotion can be a lot easier, and hence sales.

      News jacking to create new content:

      There will be numerous opportunities, to produce quality content, in alignment with latest news, and there's high chance that it will be read and shared many times.

      Add testimonials to your home page, and landing pages:

      Testimonials is like great lubricant in acquiring new business, and increasing followers.

      Submit sitemap to search engines

      From SEO perspective, one the first things you must do is submit sitemap of your site to all major search engines.

      Use CRM to track clients, and their needs:

      While technology adoptation is slow, this is one of the best investments you must make if you are committed to business in the long run. it helps to gather all the relevant info of all clients & prospects, that will come in handy for all communications etc

      Develop a referral system like Testimonials,

      referrals system can greatly improve sales, if done properly, to motivate current consumers to invite their friends and relatives.

      Run Contests through Social media

      Enter your text here...

      Seasonal Marketing

      your year-round marketing planOnce you have propoer CRM in place, you can capitalize on every season, and imortant day, to communicate to your list, to engage them in releavnt way, and ultimately can drive sales.

      Using GIFs:

      GIFs can be great way to enegage your followers, on your mailing list, as well as on your social media pages.

      Experiment with Hyperlapse:

      Hyperlapse is recent launch from Instagram, and can be used by real estate pros, to visually market their properties.

      Closing Thoughts:

      here we tried to summarize real estate situation, especially in terms of marketing, and steps to be taken to take their branding and marketing to the next level. Hope you have enjoyed and any feedback is appreciate and welcomed.

      Doing FB marketing -> squeeze pageClosing thoughts. :

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