17 | Aim BIG you get BIG !!! – Santosh Gupta, CEO, Vasyaa Group


Mar 10

Santosh Gupta

Santosh Gupta

Show Notes:

  • About business growth
    Education & first job
    authored a book on BI
    Moving back to India
  • Family  background
    Aiming BIG
  • 10th generation business family.
    how he zeroed in on the current line of biz.
  • his blog had 10000s of followers
  • – software services, training, overseas education ( agent base across Asia),
  • Social events
  • More about educational services
    How being active in alumni helped!
  • Delegating ops to his brothers.
  • Challenges encountered so far.
  • How they we are able to clinch their first deal, in overseas education.
  • Hiring : educational qualifications do not matter.
  • Reg iOT biz & about getting biz from government.
  • How reading ‘Corporate Chanakya’ and Robin Sharma’s The monk who sold his Ferrari …helped him.
  • Other daily rituals.
  • Happiest moment
  • Most influential person & about mentor-ship.
  • His professional blind spots ?
  • key changes/ learning since starting hiw own.
  • Future plans for Vasyaa Group?
  • Advise to newbies.
  • Listening to PMP podcast
  • How new idea validation, decide on whether to diversify, or to drop it off as distraction.
  • How finances are planned for any new venture, from the income of existing business.


Hope you enjoyed the show.

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jaydeep March 31, 2017

Really helpful post for business growth..tahnks for sharing it with us,,it’s helpful for many peoples.

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