Setup & Audit

Standard Setup

  • Conversion Tracking: We will identify and set up goals in Web Analytics tools, that helps you to measure and improve your conversions.
  • Google AdWords: We will ensure AdWords is correctly linked and that your paid search traffic is being correctly reported by Web Analytics for further analysis.
  • Ecommerce Transactions: If you are selling or taking payments online we can set up e-commerce reports, so you will have sales data inside Web Analytics.
  • Profiles and Filters: We can set up Web Analytics so you aren’t tracking your own visits to your website, through to advanced requirements.
  • Tracking Multiple Domains: If your website uses multiple domains (or sub-domains) we can help you track visitors as they navigate between them.
  • Tracking Forms: We can install Web Analytics tools so you can see how people are using the forms on your website. This will allow you to probe if individual elements within the form are difficult to use.
  • Tracking Downloads and Links: We can help you automatically track files and links so you can see where people are going and what they are downloading.

Contact us for further details.

Advanced Setup

  • Event Tracking: If you have Flash, AJAX, video or any other interactive elements on your website we can help you track usage and engagement.
  • CRM Integration: We can help you get Web Analytics data directly within your CRM for better insights on your leads.
  • Custom Dimentions: We can help you make the best use of custom variables for your advanced tracking requirements for additional information.
  • Custom Dashboards and Reporting: We can create custom dashboards and reporting.
  • Mobile Apps and Sites: we can setup Web Analytics is to track usage and engagement of all mobile apps & sites.

Contact us for further details.