Are you planning to expand or market your real estate company? If yes, then here are 5 social media tips that will take your business to a whole new level.

5 Social Media Tips To Succeed in Real Estate

Social media has changed the way businesses function these days. From start-ups to multinational companies, everyone is adopting social media marketing to attract customers, increase revenue, and multiply profits. If you are managing a real estate business, you can use this ever growing platform to market your business better.

By following a few simple tips, you will be attracting home buyers and investors in no time at all.

  1. Choose Your Social Media Platforms

Ideally, you should select a minimum of two to three social media platforms to kick-start your marketing strategy. From the various options available, it would be advisable to start from Facebook and Twitter as these sites encompass a large number of visitors. Apart from these, you can also set up an account on Instagram or Pinterest. These photo-sharing platforms can help you connect with your target audience through interesting photographs and witty captions.

  1. Connect With Your Audience Regularly

Will you remember what’s going on in a friend’s life if they post only once in 6 months? The same could happen to your company if you don’t connect with your audience on a regular basis. Social media users are impatient and keep looking for new and refreshing content every day. If you don’t post often, chances are your audience will forget about you or even unfollow you. Therefore, remember to post a picture or tweet at least once in a day. Make the post interesting, interactive, and relevant.

  1. Curate Content Smartly

When you are trying to market your brand through social media, remember not to oversell your product. Marketing pundits suggest the 80/20 rule when you are using a social media platform. According to this rule, 80 percent of your content should focus on topics like lifestyle, real estate news, and home decor. The remaining 20 percent can directly deal with the product you’re offering or your brand in general.

Also, if you are posting blog articles on social media sites to keep your readers engaged, remember to link it to your company’s site. For example, if you are listed on the CommonFloor website as a property dealer, include that information in your blog articles.

  1. Give Interesting Local-Area Information

When people are looking for a home, they don’t just concentrate on the property alone. Nowadays, people want to live in an area that is abundant with schools, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, pubs, and other social places. Therefore, you should update posts that give out information about a particular neighborhood. For instance, let’s assume your real estate company is based in Indiranagar, Bangalore. You can post about the best restaurants in that area and how it has a green and clean environment. You can also update your audience about the latest infrastructural developments in Indiranagar. Post that you can move on to other localities and eventually cover other cities as well. This will prove your mettle as a real estate expert, attract investments, and increase your audience base.

  1. Keep a Track of Your Posts

No matter how many posts you put up on social media, it is important that they reach your target audience. Remember to check how the posts have fared at the end of the day. Facebook lets you know how many visits your page has garnered and you can use this information to improve the quality of your posts. On other sites like Twitter and Instagram, you can measure the popularity of your brand by checking your follower count or the number of re-tweets/likes you receive for each post. If you think your company is not getting enough attention, it’s time to rework your social media skills. Start by hosting contests, putting up interactive posts, and making it a point to connect with your audience as much as possible. You can also use real-estate related hashtags to promote your content.

Social media is an interesting and powerful platform, which can help you succeed in real estate. So, if you haven’t adopted this marketing strategy yet, now is the time to so. Utilize the tips given above and give that much-needed boost to your real estate business.


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