FGE #7: An IITian, sold his 125 people strong financial software products company @ age 40, and committed to making champions out of poor kids…….with Suheim Sheikh, of The Yacht Club of Hyderabad!


Aug 12

Suheim Sheikh


Show Notes:

  • Introduction
    about yacht club / not for profit, criteria for students’ selection.
    About decision to chose passion (social cause) over anything else
    strong sense of independent thinking …how IIT education contributed to it
    India is still not able to attract high caliber IITians/ manpower
    Prior to being entrepreneur
    How & when he jumped into enrepreneurship
  • Being in Scouts & Guides, and other extra curricular activities while in school
    What’s entrepreneurism: his view
    Financial services was big break through …saw the wave coming….
    every transaction made is through one of his systems
    systems addressing anti money laundering…
  • no market research … just followed client…to leading the clientele
    Tough times while running software company : how he was losing 40% of his business!
    Competition : bad practices
    how the idea of exit germinated?
    hindsight view: validates his decision, what he could have bettered if there’s a chance
    about who are to be leadership team to run technology company
  • About his parents/ influence.
    About Mentorship
    About Government’s role in IT industry’s growth in India!
    About Yacht Club’s progress over time.
    Yacht Club @ inflection point
    How the Telangana govt looks serious about improving the ecosystem
  • About chance of Venture #3!
    His other passion/hobbies: photography
    Currently studying: Jaya / Mahabharat by Dev Dutt
  • What sailing means in terms of fitness?
    About his thoughts on Biz opportunities in sports !
    Most successful persons: JRD Tata, Warren Buffett
    Interesting incidence reg JRD Tata


Hope you enjoyed the show.

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