FGE 14 | How to Start Up in the RIGHT way? – Tarun Goyal, Founder, Simplotel


Jan 28

Tarun Goyal

Tarun Goyal

Show Notes

  • Intro
  • Phenomenal Growth ( 15 to 2000+ hotels ): progress & process maturity
  • Simplotel Solves all problems of  hotel
  • Worked as product manager in a few product ecommerce companies ( Amazon, Expedia etc)
  • Consulting : supply chain & ops
  • When & how he started on his own?
  • Biological clock is ticking 🙂
  • How his wife helped & supported in his decision to start on own.
  • To leave legacy
  • Warren Buffet example: justifying vs rationalisation
  • Started with 3 different ideas: and how he validated and zeroed in on the Simplotel idea?
  • One Criteria is quick monetisation
  • Lean StartUp‘ highly recommend book : validate validate validate
  • How the idea seeded in the first place?
  • MapMe idea
  • How a typical hotel benefits from simplotel support?
  • Ultimately conversions are the key 🔑
  • Typical customer experiences
  • Philosophy: Subscription model, with no lock-in
  • Catering all types of hotels: bread & breakfast to five stars
  • Can build a website for hotels in minutes, remove a lot of unnecessary back and forth, thus simplifying and making the whole experience for hotelier as well as customer far better.
  • How they are doing different from a vanilla website services
  • SEO of site : technology of website; content ; brand guidelines
  • How the first customer/ prospects concerns addressed & how he overcame initial jitters.
  • How he almost quit
  • About First few hires, and how hiring process evolved
  • Team matrix
  • Biggest challenges he came across as entrepreneur : include getting right people onboard
  • A lot of Tarun’s time goes into execution | other time structuring- prioritising
  • More time he spoke to friends ( in the beginning), he used to lose hopes! While talking to market, he used to feel energised!!
  • Cool Advise to wannabes : give yourself a year
  • Entrepreneur ‘s biggest common weekness
  • Parameters for judging opportunities
  • Reg attrition in the company
  • Reg getting funded, about the difference post funding
  • Runaway planning: up to 18 months
  • About mentorship & choosing mentors
  • Changes ( learning new skills etc) in Tarun compared to 3 years ago
  • Daily rituals to keep himself in shape
  • About Work life balance
  • Advise to listeners : don’t be hard on yourself.
  • Tarun@Simplotel.com is the best way to reach him


Hope you enjoyed the show.

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