FGE#8: A Richard Branson fan redefining ‘the training landscape’ in India & internationally….with Teja Gudluru of CommSure


Aug 19

Teja Gudluru

teja gudluru of Commsure


  • Childhood, Education, Career with HSBC
  • As an Entrepreneur : CommSure – How he knew the skill gap, How he set up to fill the gap and how the current education system does not help.
  • How he landed his first major contract , Learning Management System and entering in to an overcrowded and Saturated Market
  • Launching an online Learning Management System (LMS) was a decision with mixed results
  • Blended Training model redefined
  • Colleges are after placements, hence stopped approached colleges directly and took a different path to get to the students
  • It worked! Start to a corporate training debut
  • Developing an LMS : A struggle that lasted 2 1/2 years and how he spent 40% more!
  • Microsoft’s Project Paras, Remote robotic Labs and the World Economic Forum
  • His worst moment  and how he dealt with it
  • Super successful : His buddy Karthik P who quit a corporate job for his calling for animal welfare
  • Favourite book : Wings of Fire by Dr. Kalam
  • He can be reached on tejagudluru@commsure.in


Hope you enjoyed the show.

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