FGE 9: Pioneer in Peer-to-Peer Loans Marketplace…with Shankar Vaddadi of i-Lend.in


Aug 25

Shankar Vaddadi

Shankar Vaddadi

Show Notes:

  • Regarding company name: i-lend
    Startup: from ideation ( finding huge gap in the lending market ) / problem stmt
    Progress sofar, with the lowest default rate
  • Things can be can gain momentum, once regulation is in place.
    Learning curve
  • How borrowing is different in P2P space, compared to conventional  borrowing from bank!
    27 checks: Background processing for all borrowers’ applications
  • Vision for next 2-3 years
  • How lenders and borrowers are being acquired ?
  • How the Shankar@ first venture vs Shankar@ latest venture ?
  • how the idea of POS / his first venture initiated, and about initial investments?
  • Reason for selling his first venture!
  • Why it’s very important to have right partners, with shared vision !
  • Challeneges being an SME, especially financing with banks.
  • Tough Times!
  • Work Life balance is a myth! Prioritization is the key!
  • Differeces felt after he sold his company, and he had to work with buyer company, for a couple of years!
  • Advise to start ups and other entrepreneurs.
  • About mentorship. ( and abused interpretation that he often comes across)
  • Books recommended : Foucalt’s Pendulum,          Criminal History of Mankind
  • Criteria for choosing partners, that he did in his second venture i-lend
  • Parting advise.


Hope you enjoyed the show.

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