Web Analytics

How you target growth to reach to the next level?

To target whole pie, or to target a niche or super niche?

Your business needs humongous traffic or a fraction of that as high quality traffic?

How to take right decision ?

68% of companies don’t have a stated business intelligence/ analytics strategy.  – IDC

To be data driven, companies  must leverage data from web analytics tools :

  • to ensure continuous improvement of the web properties and marketing efforts
  • to enhance customer experience
  • for driving revenue & further expansion of the business

Even the businesses that have analytics frameworks set up in their organisations are not able to leverage enough, unless they have dedicated and  seasoned analysts to dig through ocean of complex data, and to come out with actionable insights, for the organization to take action.

Data ->  Insights   ->  Optimizations -> Higher ROI

Web Analytics  Consulting

At BrandDigi, we dedicate ourselves to this complex task. We are passionate about web analytics and in increasing conversions for our clients’ businesses, and in helping them exploit the space furthest.

We take the challenge to

  • consolidate and validate the ocean of available data
  • understand business nuances
  • identify drivers and inherent risks
  • deliver unparalleled insights
  • help our clients build scales faster than their competition.

We have no affiliation to any particular software, and hence we can support any web analytics tool eg., Google Analytics or WebTrends or Omniture.

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