HardCore NTR Fan to being the top seed man….with Mr Yaganti Venkateswarlu, of Yaganti Seeds


Jun 28

Yaganti Venkateswarlu

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  • Intro, Childhood, education,
  • His getting into agricultural studies
  • Career @ Mahyco ( a seeds company),
  • Career @ ITC Agri division : Adarsh Seeds
  • How a corporate training transformed his life
  • Job @ Juvvari
  • Short stint @ Harrison Malayalam
  • Ventured on his own as Laxmi Seeds
  • Registration later as Yaganti Seeds
  • Started into Research , total head count to 85
  • Revenue increased from 16Cr (2008) to 60Cr(2013)
  • Partnered with Nuziveedu Seeds, later wholly sold out to them eventually
  • Challenges: financial mgmt meeting payments
  • Best moment sofar : in 2006, among the top 6 corn seeds companies  in India
  • How he chose which line of seeds to work up on: corn seed over others
  • How sales & marketing is happening now, for seeds companies
  • Super Successful: Chandrababu Naidu
  • Sad Moments : political propaganda against quality of seeds; Giving up control of the company
  • Lack of mentorship
  • Work Life balance ‘depending on monsoons’
  • His trademark Facebook updates
  • Hobbies: Chess, Movies, and books
  • Most seed names are of actresses ‘ names … Catchy names for farmers simple to pronounce and remember
  • Latest advances : GMO
  • Advise to new entrants
  • Advise to Yaganti of twenties
  • He can be reached on Yaaganti @gmail.com
  • Quite a voracious reader, recommended the following books for the fellow entrepreneurs: Straight from the Gut by Jack Welch, The seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey


Hope you enjoyed the show.

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